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Here are the top stories for Monday May 22, 2017
Livingston County’s jobless rate is down slightly. The state Department of labor says the march rate was 5.2 percent–down from 5.5 percent a year ago. While the RATE may be down, there are 900 fewer jobs in the county than last year and also fewer people working. Steuben county saw a decreasing rate from 6.6 percent to 5.9.

A man from Livonia has been arrested and charged with stealing guns from a home in Conesus. The Livingston County sheriff’s office says 20 year old Jeffrey Walker Junior is accused breaking into two homes and stole three guns–one of which he allegedly sold. Sheriff Thomas Dougherty says two guns have been found. Walker was sent to Livingston County jail on $10,000 bond. The sheriff says additional charges are possible.

A man from Arkport has been arrested after deputies say the found hypodermic needles in a disabled pickup in Big Tree Road in the Town of Livonia. Sheriff Thomas Dougherty says 32 year old Jonathan Sick was charged with possession of those needles–and the woman who driving of the truck is also facing traffic charges. Sick was booked and released pending a court appearance

It looks like plans to improve the banks of Allen’s Creek in Mt. Morris have hit a snag. The village had accepted a $300,000 state grant under the previous village board –but now mayor Frank Provo says there’s not enough in the village budget to cover the additional $100,000 needed for remediation work–and Public works Superintendent Chris Young says he also doesn’t have the manpower to take on the job Village officials agree that something should be done, but that as of now, the project is on hold.

The DEC is trying to help out with Lake Ontario flooding. Yesterday, DEC officials toured Sodus Point Beach Park to survey the damage to help out local governments. The DEC said their engineers are helping deal with the unprecedented levels of water. They say they’re trying to come up with ideas. Forecasters say it could be weeks before the water goes down.

The Coast Guard is asking boaters in Lake Ontario to to go slow. The Coast Guard says the five-mile-an-hour speed limit is important because of the amount of debris in Lake Ontario. It says people are welcome to go out on the lake, but advise against it until recent high water goes down.

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