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Here are the top stories for Wednesday , May 3

Geneseo Police now have guidelines for what to do when they stop someone whose immigration status may be in doubt. The policy mirrors that used by other law enforcement agencies in the state. Police chief Eric Osganian says officers will handle each case individually, and would only contact federal agencies under limited circumstances. The chief says his officers won’t ask a person’s stays in routine calls. The policy comes after officers stopped a suspected family of illegally immigrants–who were later detained by federal authorities

Local fire departments say they are working to attract new members to their ranks. Several companies hosted open houses this past weekend to showcase what they do and encourage people to get involved. They say it is a constant challenge to make sure there are enough people who will respond to the call. Current members say that while their jobs are challenging, they are also rewarding because they know they are helping keep their communities safe every day.

Areas affected by Lake Ontario flooding are under a state of emergency.Governor Cuomo has announced the state of emergency for several counties including, Monroe, Orleans, The governor is sending in a Cuomo deployed a response team and nearly two dozen National Guardsmen to help out in the communities along Lake Ontario that have been hard hit by record high lake levels. Residents have been sandbagging in their neighborhoods to keep the water from flowing into their homes in those areas.

FEMA isn’t going to helppeople for the devastating windstorms in March. New York was put under a state of emergency after the storms to help the localities be reimbursed a large amount that was spent on disaster response. Reports say that the eleven-million-dollars spent in the region doesn’t come close to meeting the minimum required to be eligible.

Some students at Geneseo Central school are holding a scrap metal drive this weekend–to help they pay for an ambitious trip. The members of the school’s Earthwise club are planning to travel to Nicaragua next year to help families in that central American nation build houses and The metal they collect on Saturday will help raise money for that trip. They will accept[[t most metal items like dishwashers, microwaves, pipes, wires, car batteries, fence, siding, gutters, metal roofing are welcome, as are deposit cans and bottle–but they will NOT take refrigerators, computers, dehumidifiers or air conditioners. The event takes place Saturday from 9:00 to 2:00 at the school , in the parking lot near the football field.

The state board of regents is considering some changes to learning standards for math and English. Officials say the changes would ensure that math is being taught in a way appropriate to grade level–and that students in English class are reading both long and short form text. The regents will review the plans next week.

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