WDNY Local News, Tuesday, April 18, 2017


    Here are the top stories for Tuesday, April 18, 2017

    Plans are underway to prevent flooding in a flood-prone areas near Lake Road the Town and Village of Avon. The project will divert waters from the Little Conesus Creek upstream of Oak Hill Drive so rising water won’t inundate that land it it did in the Mothers Day flood in 2015. Work is expected to get started once officials get the final easements from a property owner on Oak Hill Road and finish the required engineering work.  Local fire companies say they need volunteers–and six of them are taking part in an event later this month to shore up their ranks. The RecruitNY campaign set for April 29th will feature open houses, demonstrations and a chance to find out more about becoming a firefighter. Local departments involved include Caledonia, Conesus, Hemlock, Leicester, Springwater and Geneseo. There is information on the website Recruitny.org. We have put that link on our page.

    Police say a man from Hornell has been arrested with several ounces of marijuana after he was stopped for speeding in Geneseo. Geneseo Police chief Eric Osganian identifies him as 20 year old Justin Fronk–who is charged with having more than 11 ounces of weed after that stop on Rt 63. The amount means Fronk will face felony possession charges. Fronk is due back in Village Court on May 9th.

    Nearly 500 tickets were issued in just a few days in the Finger Lakes Region this month.   This month is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month and State Police cracked down on violations between April 6th and April 10th.  Yesterday it was announced there were nearly 200 distracted driving tickets written that weekend and 19 DWI arrests.  Governor Cuomo says New York has zero tolerance for distracted driving. 

    Still no sign of the man wanted for a heinous killing that was shown on Facebook. A massive reward is being offered for the tip that leads police to accused Cleveland  killer Steve Stephens.  Police unveiled the 50-thousand-dollar reward yesterday in hope of learning Stephens’ whereabouts.  Stephens is accused of killing a 74-year-old man, then posting the video to Facebook.  Police and federal agents say they’re searching Ohio and neighboring states in what they’re calling a nationwide manhunt. Local police urge continued vigilance. 

    What’s your favorite jelly bean flavor? A new survey by a candy company that sells them says the top flavor in New York state is…Buttered Popocorn. Candystore.com says that’s actually the second most favorite flavor nationwide. Topping their list is Black Licorice. The rest of the top 5? Watermelon, Cherry and Cinnamon.