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Here are the top stories for Thursday, April 20, 2017

Police in the village of Geneseo will soon have a written policy on how to deal with people who can’t prove their identity during routine traffic stops. The issue came up after police called the border patrol last month when they could not get a positive ID on two women from Guatemala they had pulled over . Once the village board approves the policy , police will have the OK to call any relevant federal agency in cases like this. Police chief Eric Osganian says that could include the border patrol if necessary–because those agents are trained to recognize what is legitimate and what is not.. The Livingston county sheriffs office has a similar guideline in place.

A Livingston county jury has convicted a repeat drunk driver on changes that he nearly ran another car off the road last fall. Police had testified that 41 old John Anson was visibly intoxicated and refused to answer their questions when they found him stopped in the middle of Lackawanna Road last October 29th. He was charged with a felony because of a previous conviction in 2010–and now faces up to 7 years in prison. he is in Livingston County jail without bail until his sentencing.

People in Livingston county now have a new tool to find out if there are any registered sex offenders who live nearby. It’s called offender watch–and it lets people search their area for anyone who is on that list through an interactive, on line map. Sheriff Thomas Dougherty says it is important for people to know who is in the neighborhood–and assess any possible risks. The tool is available though a link on the sheriff’s department website. [www.co.livingston.state.ny.us/index.aspx?NID=235 ]

Burning some of that springtime yard debris may seem like a ghood idea–but it’s not allowed until May 14th. Thats because of a statewide burn ban that is in effect until May 14th. Livingston county has a few grass fire related calls this spring–and officials say the risk is high, given the fairly dry conditions. The DEC says fires can quickly spread through the undergrowth–and so a ban makes sense until the vegetation has had a chance to green up. Small campfires and cooking fires are OK–as long as they are properly attended.

The Finger Lakes region is getting millions of dollars to help fight the heroin and opioid epidemic. Yesterday Governor Cuomo signed legislation to invest in local addiction treatment, community prevention and recovery programs. The Finger Lakes region is getting 12 million dollars out of more than 200 million going towards the New York opiate problem. Cuomo said this investment hits the problem on all levels, prevention, treatment and recovery.

Millions of dollars are being invested in transportation enhancements in the Finger Lakes region that support pedestrian and bicycle travel. Yesterday Governor Cuomo announced more than 18-million-dollars was awarded for regional projects that reduce traffic, emissions or both.

If you smoke, New York City is NOT the place to be. The city has announced it is raising the tax on cigarettes again–brining the average price of a pack to $13.00–highest in the country. City officials say they hope that tax forces 160,000 people to kick the habit.

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