C.Y. F.L. Practice Gets Underway


    What did Hank Williams Jr. sing? “Are you ready for some football?” Well, pigskin proponents are preparing for “glory days” as there’s gridiron excitement & anticipation everywhere. Not only at St. John Fisher where the Buffalo Bills are gearing up for the 2016 campaign, but right in our back yards too. The local Community Youth Football League teams opened practice sessions on Monday (Aug. 1st). There’ll be a little over 3 weeks worth of work-out time for both players & cheerleaders as they get ready for the kick-off of the season the weekend of Aug. 27-28.

    Local presidents Margaret Foster (Dansville Jr. Mustangs) & Shawn Harvey (Wayland Jr. Eagles) are still putting the finishing touches on personnel & other preparations for the new season. The 2016 season will consist of 8 regular season games & then “Championship Weekend” Oct. 30th. There’s also be the annual cheerleading competition at the end of the season as well. This year will see ALL teams get the Labor Day Weekend as a “bye” week. In the past some teams have attempted to play, but have found that many families are “traveling” & that it was difficult to “field a team” over the holiday.

    The season will be getting underway soon, & our best to all of our area football personnel ranging from league presidents to fans in the stands! Here’s the schedule for this fall !

    Week # 1

    Sat. Aug. 27- Wayland at Canisteo

    Livonia at Dansville

    Avon at Geneseo

    Sun. Aug. 28 York at Cal-Mum

    Warsaw at Genesee Valley Bills

    Hornell at Leroy

    Wellsville at Bath

    Week 2- “Labor Day” All teams “Bye” !!!

    Week 3 Sun Sept. 11th

    Dansville at Avon

    Wayland at Wellsville

    Cal-Mum at Bath

    GVB at Geneseo

    Leroy at Warsaw

    York at Hornell

    Liovnia at Canisteo

    Week 4- Sept. 18th

    Wayland at Cal-Mum

    Bath at Dansville

    Leroy at Avon

    Geneseo at Wellsville

    York at GVB

    Canisteo at Warsaw

    Hornell at Livonia.

    Week 5- Sept. 25th

    GVB at Wayland

    Dansville at Hornell

    Avon at Canisteo

    Cal-Mum at Leroy

    Bath at York

    Geneseo at Warsaw

    Wellsville at Livonia

    Week 6- Oct. 2

    Dansville at Wellsville

    Hornell at Wayland

    Livonia at Geneseo

    Avon at Warsaw

    GVB at Cal-Mum

    Leroy at York

    Bath at Canisteo

    Week 7- Oct. 9, 2016

    Canisteo at Dansville

    Wayland at Bath

    Wellsville at Hornell

    Cal-Mum at Geneseo

    GVB at Leroy

    Warsaw at Livonia

    York at Avon

    Week 8- Oct. 16th

    Leroy at Dansville

    Livonia at Wayland

    Avon at GVB

    Geneseo at York

    Warsaw at Cal-Mum

    Canisteo at Wellsville

    Hornell at Bath

    Week 9- Oct. 23rd

    Dansville at Wayland

    Cal-Mum at Avon

    Geneseo at Leroy

    Warsaw at York

    Bath at Livonia

    Canisteo at Hornell

    Wellsville at GVB

    **Championship Weekend- Oct. 30th ! **