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Dansville 7th Graders Take 2nd in 8th Grade Tourney


All I have to say is “you have to hand it to that youth basketball team that’s coached by Tom Mark & Kristen Moose!’ Why? Well, first of all the girls would attend a weekend youth basketball tournament ( Apr. 2-3) in Livonia. What’s so significant about that? The Dansville 7th grade girls would be “playing up” in the 8th grade bracket! Secondly, not only did they “play up a class” in the tournament, but they put on a great showing & wound up taking 2nd place in a close contest in the finals!

The Dansville Wildkats would end up playing 5 games over the weekend, winning 3 & dropping 2 (both to the championship team).
The Kats dropped the first game in a tight one on Saturday (Apr. 2) to the Genesee Valley Pride 8th graders by a score of 50-43. The Dansville 7th grade team wasn’t going home winless ! They then turned things around & won their way back to the finals. Dansville would drop the 8th grade team from Letchworth on Saturday 36-31. On Sunday (Apr. 3) they opened up with a 46-40 victory over the Southern Tier Hornets. The win would put them into the semi-finals against the first 7th grade team the Wildkats have played this year. The locals would dominate the Genesee Valley Pride -7th graders in the game by a 47-28 final score. . A pair of (3-1) teams tangled in the championship as the Genesee Valley Pride 8th graders & Dansville did battle once again. The game was a “back & forth” affair with Genesee Valley pulling out the win with a late spurt by a final score of 53-46. Coaches Mark & Moose noted…”the girls continue to improve each time we “play up” in these tournaments. Its very exciting to see them compete at the next level !”