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Dansville Youth Wrestlers Double Up Again…Win Sportsmanship Award


You’ve got to love wrestling if you’re “on the go” the way the Dansville Youth Wrestling team is. Once again last weekend ( Jan. 30 & 31) they were in action both┬ádays. On Saturday the red & black headed up the hill to Wayland, & then on Sunday it was down route 36 to the Avoca-Hornell affair. The Dansville wrestlers also garnished probably one of the most important, & most overlooked award in sports today. On Sunday the Dansville grapplers grabbed the “Sportsmanship Award” at the Avoca-Hornell tournament! The coaching staff noted, “we’re very proud of the great job & hard work the team put in this weekend!” Great job gang ! The results shook down this way. D.W.C. wound up with a half-dozen first place finishers in Wayland including….

1st- Evan Sinsebox- 2 wins
Gus Swyers- 3 wins 3 pins
Jackson Zangerle-3 wins 1 pin
Wyatt Sartori- 4 wins 2 pins
Brock Kellogg- 4 wins 3 pins 1
Jacob Kellogg- 3 wins 3 pins

2nd-Brycen Lemmon- 3 wins 2 pins
Ben Briggs- 2 wins 1 pin

3rd- Eli Swyers-1 win 1 pin
Nate Gardner- 2 wins 2 pins
Arabella Fronk
Tyler VanAuken
Landon Wadsworth 2 wins
Mason Forrester -2 wins 2 pins
Isaac Kurtz
Kaden Tatu

4th- Gavin Brooks- 1 win
Nate Lafaye
Gavin Brooks – 1 win
Treva Wadsworth
Kaylie Babosci
Patrick Hanglow – 1 win
Peter Thompson- 1 win
Dalton Wadsworth 1 win
Vincent Hall-Inzinna
Connor Gardner 1 win
Anthony Belcher 1 win 1 Tech
Cyrus Fronk

5th Gavin Hart
Fabian Gonzalez
Aiden VanAuken
Dominick O’Dell
Josh Forrester
Ayden Walker
Patrick Gallagher

Avoca-Hornell (Sun. Jan. 31).

*Dansville Wins Sportsmanship Award!*

1st- Peter Caldwell- 3 wins, 3 pins (:59 seconds total)
2nd- Wyatt Sartori- 3 wins, 2 pins
Kaden Tatu
Jackson Zangerle- 4 wins 2 pins
3rd- Mason Forrester-3 wins 1 pin
Brycen Lemmon 1 win
4th- Patrick Gallagher 1 win 1 pin
Josh Forrester 1 win 1 pin
Gavin Hart 1 win 1 pin