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Three Cheers for a Sweep !


Several years ago I recall quite a feat in the ranks of the Community Youth Football League. It was when the league was divided up into the “A”, “B”, & “C” divisions. I remember the Wayland Redskins sent all 3 of their football teams to the championship games which were held at Hornell’s Maple City Park that year. Further recollection reveals that Wayland won 2 of those 3 titles that year as they came up with wins in the “C”, & “B” games. The “A” game saw a youth by the name of Andre McCloud run an 88 yard touchdown early in the game which wound up belonging to Bath in a 6-0 final. It was really something to have all 3 of your teams in the finals, & certainly was nice to win a pair of them.

Here in 2015 the Dansville Youth Football Cheerleaders did that “one better!” At the recently held C.Y.F.L. “Cheer Off” at Letchworth Central School, all 3 Mustang teams won cheer titles!! Isn’t that indeed an impressive accomplishment by these young ladies ? I guess you could still say that “cheerleading” is still “alive & well” in Dansville. Junior Mustangs president Margaret Foster reported the triple-victory noting, “we’re very proud of the girls & the coaches for the great job they’ve done all season long. What a wonderful way of bringing the season to a close!”
A triple-congratulations is in order for sure, so here are the 3 cheer teams (“Flag”, “Juniors”, & “Seniors”) along with their coaches who all deserve “3 Cheers” in more ways than one !

The 2015 “Flag” cheerleaders include….Lily Walker, Renee Teeter, Georgene Scott, Keira Redance, Nikole Rauber, Kyleigh Mott, Emily Moran, Markelle Mensinger, Delainey Knights, Lillian Klien, Addison Klien, Cheyenne Jablonsky, Kassidy Cole, Talah Cogswell, Karmen Chabot, Alyson Brown, Maddyson Barnhart, & Marlie Alford. Their head coach is Pam Mensinger, along with assistants Cheryl Quibell, & Kathleen Klien, and junior helper Cierra Quibell.
The “Junior” team consists of Kyalee Frank, Hannah Klien, Olivia Levee, Alivia Mosman, Eleni Mountzouros, & Janessia Valentin. That squad is headed up by coach Clara Inzinna.

Finally, the “Senior” squad features Mya Connor, Mackenzie Schledorn, Ashley Greene, Brianna Lippens, Mackenzie Jacobs, & Grace LaBell. Kimberlee Blake is the head coach & is assisted by Jennifer Blake.
Congratulations…(3 times over)….ladies !!