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Small Wayland Junior Squad Bows in Livonia


Livonia 36 Wayland O

Following Sunday’s (Oct. 11) 36-0 loss in Livonia in “junior” football action at the “Dog House”, Wayland Juniors coach Sean Harvey was not so much concerned with the “loss” as he was with the low numbers in the football program overall. When the head line read “small”…it didn’t necessary mean the “size” of the players, but the “size” of the football team in general. Harvey noted, “its hard to field a team when you only have 11 players out there.” That’s all that Harvey had to work with in Sunday’s game in Livonia. The Wayland coach added, ” I would just encourage our young people (& parents too ) to become involved in our community programs & organizations….if we don’t….they’ll be gone.”

On the field highlights for the Eagles saw Joe O’Neal had 10 yard rushing & 6 tackles…..Ashton Schnieder had 65 yards running the fool ball & 15 yards passing…John Whitmer had 50 yards rushing & 10 yards passing. Coach Harvey also stated, “my hats off to defensive coach Chris Miles who., along with the players, did a great job on both sides of the ball. Let me give a “shout out” to the entire team who worked hard & did such a great job against Livonia.” This Sunday the Eagles host Wellsville at Victory Park in Wayland.