An 18 year old bus boy saved a man who was choking at the Yard of Ale in Piffard.

The Livingston County News says Brandon Easton saw the man with his hands on his throat — a signal that he was in trouble.

So Easton says he did the Heimlich Maneuver — took about 15 good thrusts on the guy’s midsection — and finally, out popped the beef that was choking him. Easton is a senior at York Central.

After saving his life, the man said thanks — and Brandon Easton went back to work.

Another merger meeting — to talk about combining Dansville schools with Keshequa Central School.

Thursday night, there’s a forum given by the the Keshequa school board to present the facts and take questions from parents. It’s at 7pm at the high school.

Keshequa’s school superintendant says the financial future of the district is pretty dark and he will give details to those who attend the meeting.

Wheeling and dealing over taxes with Walmart.

The town of Geneseo has been negotiating with the chain over the tax assessment. The town says the store’s tax value should just over $15 million. But after some back and forth, it appears the town will lower the value of Wally World to $13.2 million for the 2015 tax year. The deal means less money for the town with the school district taking the biggest hit — losing nearly $21,000.

Money to train local EMT’s.

St. James Mercy Hospital is getting a $54-hundred dollar grant from the Bethesda Foundation to improve training of emergency medical technicians who volunteer on local ambulences. The money to be used for instructional videos plus practice equipment.

Noyes Health is proud to recognize the many dedicated professionals who work in our laboratories services throughout the organization. Noyes laboratory professionals work hard to ensure that critical information about our patients’ health is delivered accurately with minimal turnaround time. Medical Laboratory Professionals Week allows us to spotlight the important role that laboratory professionals play as a vital part of the patient care team at Noyes Health.

Lab Week offers us a chance to show our gratitude to all of our dedicated workers on the Noyes Laboratory team—pathologists, medical laboratory professionals, phlebotomists and the administrative support personnel who keep things moving along on a day to day basis. And for those of you who ever wondered what all those folks in Noyes’ Laboratory Department do every day, 24/7, 365 days per year, here’s a brief overview.

Phlebotomist -Phlebotomists are trained to draw blood to be submitted for various tests. Phlebotomists need to know which vials to use for which tests as different vials are prepared and color-coded differently. Many of the phlebotomists that work at Noyes Health completed all or part of their six-week training program right here at Noyes Memorial Hospital.

Histotechnician – A Histotechnician is an expert in preparing and staining microscope slides that are used in diagnosing disease. Normally the Histotechnician prepares these slides but does not do the actual microscopic examination and diagnosis; this part of the process is reserved for a pathologist. Also known as histologic technologists, people working in these science jobs have an important role in diagnostic processes, as they must have knowledge of many different methods of specimen preparation, and be able to quickly decide on the best way to preserve tissues.

Medical Technologist- Medical technologists analyze specimens of human blood and tissue under a microscope to look for bacteria, parasites, cancerous cells, or other microorganisms. They match blood for transfusions, check blood levels for chemicals, drugs, or other factors. Additionally, medical technologists evaluate test results, develop and modify procedures, and establish and monitor programs, to ensure the accuracy of tests.

Pathologist – Pathologists are medical doctors who have completed residencies in Pathology, and are typically trained in both areas of Pathology-Anatomic and Clinical. Pathologists study bodily fluid, blood, and tissue samples, in order to diagnose illness or search for other medical conditions. A Pathologist may have a subspecialty such as clinical pathology, anatomical pathology, molecular pathology, surgical pathology, cytopathology, or forensic pathology. Some pathologists work only on samples from living people, in order to diagnose or treat diseases or conditions, while other pathologists deal with autopsies and sometimes criminal murder investigations.
Noyes is proud of all of the team members in our Laboratory Department that serve a critical role with professionalism and courtesy at all times, in all areas of our organization. We thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Deadly ATV wreck in Steuben county about 2 o’clock Saturday morning — two brothers on the vehicle — they hit a tree. 22 year old Aquila Byler died his 18 year old brother Elam is in critical condition. The wreck happened offe Mead Road on a private road in Woodhull.

Dog attack in Dansville. A dog running free apparently attacked and killed a dog that was on a leash in a local park. Now Dansville police investigating.

If a dog is not in its yard, it has to be on a leash and under the control of the owner. So far this month, four people have been charged with either violating the leash law or not having their dog licensed.

Ready to make music again.

We’ve been telling you about the plight of band students at Keshequa Central School. Their band teacher was arrested — charged with hocking everything from tubas to trumpets — for drug money.

Now the schools have re-hired a previous music teacher — kids are sharing instruments — some have been donated and insurance may help buy some others. And, good news, kids who got a zero in the class because they had no instrument will not have that bad grade stay on their record. After all, it wasn’t their fault.

The teacher who was arrested is in drug treament — then she will face a judge.

Geneseo Wegmans Recalls Fried Chicken

GeneseeNow —  Monday, April 21, 2014

Undercooked chicken. Wegmans is recalling the honey-brined fried chicken they sold last Thursday in at its Geneseo. It was their $6 meal. The chain got two reports the chicken was undercoooked. Only about 10 people bought the meal — chances are they probably ate it, and they’ve had no reports of anyone getting sick. If a customer still has the food, they can bring it back for a refund. If you eat undercooked chicken,you could pick up salmonella bacteria which can cause a variety of nasty symptoms

Livingston county sheriff Tom Dougherty now has some additional duty. He’s been appointed the STOP-DWI coordinator for Livingston County, and he’ll be paid $10,000. STOP-DWI is a program that hands-out money to local police departments…money that’s supposed to be used for reducing wrecks caused by drunk driving. The total budget is only $250,000 — the money comes from DWI fines.