National Park’s free today

GeneseeNow —  Saturday, April 19, 2014

People across the country are enjoying a free weekend at America’s national parks. National Park Week encourages people to connect with
the nation’s natural, historic, and cultural heritage through family-friendly events and programs at more than 400 national parks.

PETA protests New York’s horse carriages

GeneseeNow —  Saturday, April 19, 2014

PETA and other groups who want carriage horses banned from New York City streets have a beef with Liam Neeson. They protested Saturday in front of the Park Millennium condo on West 67th Street where the actor lives. Dan Matthews of PETA says Neeson is the only celebrity fighting against the city’s plan to replace the horse-drawn carriages with electric vehicles.

Not as many bears were shot and killed locally during the 2013 hunting season. The state Department of Environmental Conservation says no bears were
taken in Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming counties. Two were killed in Livingston County. Last year two were taken in Eagle and Wethersfield and five were
hunted down in Livingston County. Allegany County on the other hand saw a big increase. A total of 1,258 bears were taken statewide in 2013. The Livingston
County news says that’s the third highest year on record.

The Livingston County STOP DWI coordinator is back. The board of Supervisors approved a budget of $10,000 for the position last month and the
sheriff has appointed Ben Beagle to that position.

Farm accident claims 77 year old man

GeneseeNow —  Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tragedy in Dansville this week. A 77 year old man died Thursday in a sawmill accident. The Steuben County sheriff’s department says Donald Steward was operating
a rear steer tractor with a forklift attachment. He was working on state Route 36 It ran over Stewart in reverse, then hit a pick-up truck.

A Rochester man accused of robbing Tops Market in Avon last month, has now been charged by the Feds with with robbing two other Tops in Monroe county.

22 year old Tyrelius Austin was caught after a high speed chase last month after robbing the store in Avon. He wrecked his car — police found the money and the hold-up note.

Austin’s cousin is also charged with robbing a Tops in Greece. If convicted, Austin could do 20 years in prison.

School board politics.

People interested in becoming members of local school boards have until Monday to turn in their petitions. It takes 25 signatures to be on the ballot.

Elections are set for May 20th for school board seats in Avon, Geneseo, Livonia and Mount Morris.

This almost never happens.

A town giving taxpayers a refund.

In Henrietta, they’re considering sending residents a $100 check. The reason: the state says the town has too much money in the bank. The idea of the hundred dollar refund would have to be approved by the legislature.

In Hornell, a chiropracter may be a new Alderman representing 3rd Ward.

Hornell’s Republican chairman plans to recommend that Dr. Joseph McKay serve on the Common Council replacing Randy Harkenrider who stepped down. If council chooses McKay, he’ll serve until the election in November.

Steuben’s district attorney wants to get tough on parents and other grown-ups who have parties where kids drink. Brooks Baker wants the county to pass a social-host law that would allow adults to be prosecuted if kids drink on their property.