President Obama on NY PA Bus Tour

Billy T —  Friday, August 23, 2013
President Obama stopped for lunch yesterday at Magnolia’s Deli and Cafe on Park Avenue. Secret service vehicles everywhere, and ropes kept onlookers back as the President greeted people and posed for pictures with people in the cafe.
Earlier the president spoke at the University at Buffalo pitching a rating system for colleges.
The president is doing a bus tour in New York and Pennsylvania the head of the republican party called it a lame duck bus tour.
Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Marathon Bombing

A backpack with emptied fireworks is at the center of new arrests in the Boston marathon bombing.

Two suspects were charged yesterday with obstruction of justice and another is charged with lying to investigators.  One suspect is accused of finding the backpack in the dorm room of bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

According to an affidavit, that suspect says that once he saw the backpack, he immediately realized that Tsarnaev was involved in the bombing.  The suspect also allegedly said that he and the two other suspects decided to put the backpack in the trash to protect Tsarnaev.

St.Lawrence & Atlantic

Local railroad Genesee & Wyoming Inc. saw its net income nearly quadruple in the first quarter.

The railroad operator reported a net income of $82.7 million compared with $22.2 million during the same period last year.

The company attributed the large increase in part to an income tax break.

Kenneth Bae, a Korean American from Washington state, has been sentenced by North Korea to 15 years of hard labor  for crimes against the state.

Bae was arrested in early November  North Korea’s far northeastern region bordering China and Russia The exact nature of Bae’s alleged crimes was never revealed. Friends say he was volunteering for a humanitarian organization based in the Chinese border city of Dalian and traveled frequently to North Korea to feed orphans.

Analysts say North Korea could use Bae as a bargaining chip as it seeks dialogue with Washington.

The U.S. State Department had no immediate comment.

Carnival Cruise passengers sue

Robin Humphrey —  Thursday, May 2, 2013
Carnival Cruise ship "Triumph"

Carnival Cruise ship “Triumph”

More than 3,000 passengers who were stranded on Carnival’s Triumph cruise ship for days are now suing the company.

But Carnival is asking the court to throw out the lawsuit. The cruise line claims tickets clearly state passengers cannot bring class actions against the company, but lawyers for passengers say Carnival was negligent in allowing the ship to sail with its history of mechanical problems.

The ship is now in Mobile, Alabama undergoing repairs.

Just days before a federal court imposed deadline, the Food and Drug Administration has  announced The Plan B morning-after pill is moving over-the-counter.

Tuesday, the FDA lowered to 15 the age at which girls and women can buy the emergency contraceptive without a prescription – and said it no longer has to be kept behind pharmacy counters.

Instead, the pill can sit on drugstore shelves but that buyers would have to prove their age at the cash register.

Earlier this month, a federal judge had ruled there should be no age restrictions and gave the FDA 30 days to act. The FDA said its latest decision was independent of the court case.

Katherin Russell, the widow of 26 year old Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects will ask the Massachusetts medical examiner to release her husband’s body to his family.

Tsarnaev died after a gunfight with authorities. The  medical examiner has determined the cause of Tsarnaev’s death but it will remain private until his remains are released and a death certificate is filed.

Feds pay down debt

Robin Humphrey —  Wednesday, May 1, 2013

For the first time since 2007 – before the recession – the US Treasury is planning to make a down payment on the federal debt.

The budget deficit has been shrinking more than expected. Thanks to government spending cuts, and higher tax receipts the Treasury says it expects to pay off $35 billion of debt in the second quarter. That compares to an earlier forecast that it would have to borrow $103 billion.

Boston police have just reported that three additional suspects have been taken into custody in connection with Boston bombings case. It’s unknown at this time if those suspects have actually been arrested or charged. No other information has been announced. Stay tuned and we will provide more as information becomes available

OrasureIn a renewed push to get a handle on just how many people have the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV, a group of experts known as the U.S.  Preventative Services Task Force,  released its final recommendations for HIV screening.

The group calls for people in America, age 15-65 to be tested for HIV.

Task force member Dr. Douglas Owens said nearly a quarter of people with HIV don’t know that they have it, and they’re missing out on a chance to take control of their disease. Universal screening will help identify more people with HIV, allowing them to start combined antiretroviral therapy earlier and live healthier and longer lives.

In 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its own guidelines targeting people aged 13-64.