A 19 year old man is charged with having sex with a 12 year old girl in Mount Morris.

John Fleming of Livonia has a similar charge pending from another incident.

He’s in jail on $50,000 cash bail or $100,000 bond.

Police say that Fleming admitted that he was involved with the girl on two separate occasions and claimed it was consensual.

In Waverly PA, police say a nine year old boy got drunk and crashed his father’s pick-up into a house Tuesday night.

He apparently got the keys as his parents slept.

After the wreck, the boy was trapped inside the truck, his legs hurt. The truck was totaled. And there was heavy damage to the house.

Police say he was speeding in the truck, lost control, hit a tree and the truck went airborne, flying into the house. Not known if charges will be filed.

Causing a flood at the Livingston county jail.

An inmate damaged a sprinkler head, flooding his cell and part of the second floor.

Alek Gaby, who looks to be in his early 20′s in his mugshot, was locked up for violating his parole. Now he’s charged with a felony count of Criminal Mischief for damaging the sprinker and causing the mess.

Jail Time For Robbing Livingston Diner

GeneseeNow —  Thursday, July 10, 2014

Six months in the county jail and drug treatment. That’s the sentence for 24 year old Charles Sutton.

He was sentenced for stealing cash and punching an employee from the Dutch Hollow diner. If Sutton doesn’t stay off drugs, he will do hard time in the state pen.

The Federal government has seized some property in Dansville because the owner admits he bought the property with stolen money.

The man is a British citizen, that’s why the Federal government took the property. The former King’s Daughters & Sons assisted living home in Dansville. It will be auctioned off. The thieving owner of the property has not been charged at this point by prosecutors.

A Lima man with a prior drunk driving conviction was arrested and charged with driving drunk again.

Brett Stevenson was pulled for a traffic violation and the deputy thought Stevenson was under the influence, but Stevenson refused a breath test. The DA wanted Stevenson locked-up since it was a second offense, but Town Justice Mahoney let him go without posting any bail.

Local police and the Livingston sheriff’s department are wrapping up a long week-end of extra patrols looking for drunk drivers.

One driver was nabbed for being drunk after a wreck in Sparta. John Jamison was found near the scene of the wreck, his blood alchol level was twice the legal limit.

Jamison facing several charges.

Cornell gets funding to help farmers

GeneseeNow —  Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cornell University will use federal money to develope a web based decision making tool to help dairy farmers. The money was approved in the US Farm Bill. The
Livingston County News says a new Agricultural Risk Management and Policy Institute at Cornell will work with the University of Rhode Island and the University
of Maine to build software. It wil offer training to farmers about new federal programs that are in effect and a new milk pricing safety net program.

There’s a call for more resource officers in local schools. State Senator Patrick Gallivan wants every school in the 59th Senate District to have an officer, including
those in Livingston County. Trained law enforcement officers would be in schools to work with staff, students and parents to create a safe environment. Part of it
would include conflict resolution and anti bullying programs. Gallivan wants more federal money put towards the program.

One Man Cut During Road Rage Argument

GeneseeNow —  Thursday, July 3, 2014

Road rage in a construction zone.

Two guys get into a fight — one ends up stabbed.

It happened on Interstate-86 Tuesday afternoon. 54 year old David Cook apparently pumped his brakes to tell a car behind him to back off. The two drivers then pulled over to settle things.

Cook reached into the other car and grabbed 57 year old Joel Genovese. At that point, Genovese pulled a knife and cut Cook’s arm and hand. No charges yet. Investigators say the whole thing could have been avoided if the two hot heads would have just kept driving.