Counterfeit Bills Passed in Geneseo

GeneseeNow —  Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Somebody used fake money to buy a 400 dollar debit card Tuesday morning at the 7-11 store in Geneseo. Police say they have the whole transaction on security video. It was a young man who purchased the green dot debit card with fake 20 dollar bills. Police say the bills look real enough, but they are lacking some of the security features that should be on the bill. The fakes are all 2006 series, but do not have the threads going through the bill, and the watermark is missing.

Investigators say a weekend inferno at an agricultural supply facility in Caledonia was the result of spontaneous combustion in one of its grain bins. Livingston County Office of Emergency Management Director Kevin Niedermaier explained the process that caused the fire last night. He said , “It’s an internal decomposition and it starts burning internally and then it break out into open flames.” The facility was a big regional supplier of dairy feed and dry fertilizer.

Reed Wins Third Term

GeneseeNow —  Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Reed won a third term in the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday. Reed led 56 percent to 37 percent over his Democratic challenger, Tompkins County Legislator Martha Robertson in the 23rd Congressional District. In Steuben County, with 93 percent of the vote counted, Reed had 72 percent to Robertson’s 26 percent.
Reed’s camp declared victory at approximately 10:45 p.m.

Democrat Incumbents Take Top Posts

GeneseeNow —  Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It was an easy win for Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday as he heads into his second term after , defeating Republican challenger Rob Astorino. It was a lopsided win;Cuomo was beating Astorino 54 percent to 41 percent with 85 percent of precincts reporting . Democratic incumbents were also re-elected to the state Attorney General and state Comptroller’s posts.

The town clerk in Cohocton — arrested for stealing money from the town. The state comptroller says 50 year old Sandra Riley admitted stealing $36,000 over the last six years by pocketing money from property tax payments, as well as money paid for marriage licenses, hunting licenses and dog licenses. She’s not locked up for now, due in court on the 15th.

Hungry Bug Eating Berry Crop. Traps Set

GeneseeNow —  Thursday, September 4, 2014

Getting rid of a bug that’s costing farmers big money in NY.

It’s the Asian spotted wing fruit fly.

Cornell university working with growers to get rid of the creature and its expensive appetite. Cornell estimates the damage to commercial berry growers at $7 million in 2012 across the state. Spraying hasn’t helped, so Cornell has a grant and they’re working with growers to set up traps that lure the pests to be killed.

Glasses Thief Caught On Camera, Still At Large

GeneseeNow —  Thursday, September 4, 2014

It’s pretty daring. The surveillance video shows a woman, with a coat, stuff pair after pair of designer frames into her coat pockets at Lens Crafters on August 13th at both the Marketplace and Greece Ridge Mall — 50 frames worth $20,000 thousand dollars. They will likely end up sold on Ebay. The woman pocketing the frames was white, short dark hair. A friend with her was looking around, as the woman pilfered the frames.

Habitat Fundraisers For Caledonia Home

GeneseeNow —  Thursday, September 4, 2014

Raising money for the local Habitat for Humanity. The Caledonia Planning Committee will raise money for the Caledonia house project. A raffle in October, daily winners get $50. Tickets on sale now for $5. They hope to raise $5,000 selling the tickets. There’s also a chili cook-off during the Caledonia homecoming on October 3. The Habitat house is the 15th one that they’ve built in Livingston County.

Child And Adult Injured When ATV Hits Tree

GeneseeNow —  Tuesday, September 2, 2014

ATV accident Saturday in York. A little boy was badly hurt, his uncle also injured. They were riding when they hit a tree. 9 year old Kenneth Bird taken to strong memorial. So was 36 year old Edward Lagenfeld. He was not wearing a helmet, but the boy was.

Ex Girlfriend Accused Of Stealing Gun And Dog

GeneseeNow —  Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A woman arrested in York Friday after an argument with her ex-boyfriend got out of hand and cops were called. As deputies investigated, they learned that 33 year old Jessica Rossi broke into her ex’s home twice on main street.

Once, taking a shotgun, the other time taking his dog. Rossi is charged with Burglary, Larcenty and Criminal Mischief. Now she’s been ordered to stay away from her ex boyfriend.