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Noyes Health, in compliance with New York State Laws, has established a policy of accepting sharps, syringes, and lancets from the public.

Bio hazardous sharps waste is accepted in the Engineering Office, located in the basement level of Noyes Memorial Hospital. The sharps will be accepted throughout the year, Monday – Friday from 8am – 4pm. Containers accepted include hard plastic sharps containers with a top or hard plastic laundry detergent containers with a top. NO coffee cans, gallon milk jugs, or soda containers will be accepted.

If these times are not convenient, other arrangements can be made by contacting Noyes Health at (585) 335-6001.

One man just revealed that he not only won $40 million in last May’s Calgary lotto — the largest lotto prize ever awarded in the Canadian city — but that he could care less. He isn’t planning on keeping a single penny of it! Instead, the former CEO of EECOL Electric will be donating his prize money to various cancer organizations in honor of his late wife, who died two years ago from lung cancer.

Tom Crist doesn’t sound like the kind of man who feels comfortable giving interviews and posing for photos. The 64-year-old waited all this time before coming forward to announce his winnings to the media — a lotto requirement if you win a big jackpot.

Admitting that he has done well for himself over the years and has enough money to take care of his four children, Crist’s only plans with his lotto earnings is to deposit the money into a family trust fund and have it doled out to various cancer charities over the next few years.

The altruistic Canadian was married to his wife, Jan, for 33 years before she passed away from lung cancer in February 2012. She was only 57. Crist knows for sure that he is giving back to one treatment center called Tom Baker that he says cared for his wife throughout the six years she battled her disease. He and his children will select other charities in the next few years.

Q: 10% of men make their partner do THIS during the holidays. What is it?
A: Buy her own gift
Congratulations to: Marie Margeson

Pet Costume Contest

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Area school systems are getting set for a new academic year and as they do, many are confronting the reality of new testing standards. The new Common Core standards will change the way students are educated and local schools are bracing for possible concerns when test scores appear lower than they have before. The concern is enough that state Commissioner of Education John King has sent a letter to parents preparing them for the arrival of test scores in the next few days. King stresses the new standards will better prepare student for life after high school.