Sunshine: Wednesday April 23, 2014

Billy T —  Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In an impressive showing of strength and teamwork, Connecticut firefighters banded together to lift a truck off of a trapped man.
A Fairfield resident had become pinned in the doorframe of a pickup truck in his garage late Sunday afternoon. After neighbors heard the elderly man’s cries for help and called 911, police and firefighters arrived on the scene to free him.

The man — who police later identified as 86-year-old Franc Us — had somehow become trapped between the door of the pickup truck and the vehicle’s chassis. To further complicate the situation, the truck was also wedged up against the garage’s doorjamb.

Firefighters from multiple units decided to use brute strength to rescue the man based on the tight squeeze and complexity of the situation. In a video from the scene, a team of first responders and firefighters lift the pickup truck from the back with their bare hands to free him.

Us was transported to a local hospital and treated for several injuries to his torso. As of Monday, he was reportedly listed in critical condition.

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