Sunshine: Thursday April 17, 2014

Billy T —  Thursday, April 17, 2014

Eight-year old Aussie baseball fan Brendan showed he’s a truly great kid during a Los Angeles Dodgers game vs. Team Australia in Sydney last month. After a player attempted to throw a foul ball to another kid in the stands and missed, a security guard ran over to retrieve the ball and gave it to Brendan instead.

The move prompted the first child to throw a tantrum. But instead of walking away with his new souvenir, Brendan did the right thing and simply turned around and handed the first child the ball, which quickly calmed him down. “My son has a lot of empathy, he just naturally handed the ball to the other kid,” “It was really rewarding as a parent, we are very proud of Brendan, it was lovely.”

Guess we know who the real winner of the game was.

Courtesy Huffington Post