Sunshine: Wednesday December 4, 2013

Billy T —  Wednesday, December 4, 2013

wb000578-299_634x438This Ohio teen isn’t letting her wheelchair hold her back! Despite a debilitating illness that has left her unable to walk, 14-year-old Kaitlin Windt continues to perform with her high school marching band.

Windt suffers from a rare disease called Friedreich’s Ataxia that tightens her muscles and weakens her heart and circulation. But she was determined not to let it stop her from playing the flute at Boardman High School.

In order to make this possible, two kindhearted adults volunteered to learn all the routines and push Kaitlin around the field at every event. “I was floored at how much they’ve invested in her,” Kaitlin’s mother Chrissy Longley said. “This was a huge deal for Kaitlin.”

This story is music to our ears!