Sunshine: Monday December 9, 2013

Billy T —  Friday, December 6, 2013

Kyle Button is a story from Dansville. He was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer this past spring. He is a teacher at the Ellis B Hyde Elementary school.  He team teaches with his wife Lynne.. (he taught 2 of my kids and she coached my oldest in swimming, we are connected)

The community has wrapped its arms around the family and this summer raised an incredible amount of money to help them through this in a very short amount of time.

He recently had surgery to remove the cancer after other treatments. (Melinda Rittenhouse the elementary school nurse has been huge in the support process). The surgery was extreme but apparently successful. He will need follow up evaluations and treatment.

The cool thing is. He is a basketball coach in Dansville. One of his goals after surgery was to be at the first game of the season just 2 or 3 weeks after his surgery.

I can be a softy at times. BUT, seeing him on the sidelines tonight at the first game was a really cool moment for me and many of those there watching.

Lynne will tell you the power of positive thought attitude and prayer is what has held them together. The support of the community has been incredible and many have lifted this family up.

This is the sunshine on a cloudy day story of the year for me and I think Dansville.

Dr. James Vogler

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