Frysinger Starts Putting Life Back Together After Being Found Innocent

GeneseeNow —  Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jordan Frysinger will begin putting his life back together now that he’s been found not guilty of trying to rape a girl when she was drunk at a party.

Frysinger was playing college football at Illinois when he was arrested. After conflicting testimony about what happened at a party last year — the jury decided Frysinger was innocent.

There was a strange twist in the courtroom. One of Frysinger’s friends previously agreed to a plea deal for having sex with the same girl at the party when she was unconscious. But during the trial, Cedric Hairston testified that he lied about the girl being unconcious when he made that deal. He testified that the girl knew what was happening.

Frysinger’s parents pleaded guilty to providing booze to kids at the party.