Houghton College Holds Lecture On Seven Deadly Sins

Billy T —  Monday, November 11, 2013

HOUGHTON NY, November 8, 2013 –Houghton College is pleased to welcome professor of philosophy at Calvin College, Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung, Ph.D., as the speaker for the 2013 Woolsey Lecture Series in Theology and Culture. Students, faculty and visitors are encouraged to listen as Dr. DeYoung speaks throughoutMonday, November 18. The lecture series is free of charge and open to public.

hough1994321384174361107DeYoung’s lectures will center on the tradition of the seven deadly sins, also known as the capital vices, a topic she has spent much time researching and writing about.  Her most recent work is entitled “Glittering Vices” and discusses each of the capital vices in more detail; how to identify them, and ways to eliminate the deeply rooted patterns of sin that are work in our own lives.

DeYoung’s morning lecture will take place during chapel service, which will be held in Wesley Chapel at 11:30 a.m.and is entitled “The Seven Capital Vices and Spiritual Formation.”  DeYoung explains, “Habits are powerful in all areas of the Christian life, and the seven deadly sins, or capital vices, can have pervasive influence in shaping our character.  Likewise, spiritual disciplines, empowered by the grace and inner working of the Holy Spirit, can conform us to the likeness and virtuous character of Christ.”

The evening lecture is entitled “When Image is Everything: The Vice of Vainglory” and will take place at 7:00 p.m. in the Center for the Arts recital hall.  A reception will follow.  This lecture will focus more tightly on the vice of vainglory.  DeYoung gives more detail, “Vainglory is an ancient and unfamiliar name for a vice with a very familiar face.  One of the original eight capital vices (later known as the seven deadly sins), vainglory is the excessive attachment to (or desire for) the attention and approval of others.”  She will offer insight into recognizing this vice in ourselves and suggest some ways to battle against vainglory and foster a culture that directs glory to God.

DeYoung is a graduate of Calvin College and received her master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Notre Dame.  Besides “Glittering Vices,” DeYoung’s other recent books include “Aquinas’s Ethics: Metaphysical Foundations, Moral Theory, and Theological Context,” and “The Seven Deadly Sins:  A Survival Guide.”

Each fall semester, the Woolsey Lecture Series in Theology and Culture provides insights from respected speakers in order to encourage spiritual and intellectual growth. Through a full day of lectures and discussions, listeners are invited to delve more deeply into the subject matter.

Highlights of the day:

10:00 a.m., Seven Deadly Sins Overview with Dr. Mike Walters, Library 323

11:30 a.m., Chapel Lecture, “The Seven Capital Vices and Spiritual Formation,” Wesley Chapel

Following Chapel, Lunch opportunity with Dr. DeYoung, Lennox Dining Room, Campus Center Dining Hall

3:00 p.m., Q & A Opportunity with Dr. DeYoung, Library 323

7:00 p.m., Evening Lecture, “When Image is Everything: The Vice of Vainglory,” Center for the Fine Arts Recital Hall