Sunshine: Tuesday September 24, 2013

Billy T —  Tuesday, September 24, 2013


EMS_does_cpr-YoutubevidStory Courtesy of YNN–Just over a week ago, bystanders and first responders worked as a team after one Rochester man suffered driving his

truck had a heart attack and crashed into a pole.

“He was kinda hanging out the window, you could tell he was unconscious,” said Frank Ignizio of Rochester. “His head was purplish-blue.”

Four firefighters from Engine 5 grabbed their EMS kits and ran over across the street less than a minute after the crash.

The two-minute video clip recorded by a witness, seemed to go on for hours.

Captain Jeorger says the man was dead. He had no pulse. But admidst the traffic and cheering crowd, the firefighters stayed focused.

Like many times before, the ambulance came and they hoped what they did was enough.

Until Artie Frisbee walked into the fire house days later looking better than ever thanking the men who literally breathed life back into him.

After seeing the video Frisbee said “It’s kind of like I’m looking at a movie, like it’s not really me,” 
”I mean how often do you get to shake hands

with somebody who saves your life, these guys were there for me when I needed them,”

But for Engine 5, it’s just another day at the station.