Sunshine: Tuesday July 30, 2013

Billy T —  Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A nine-year-old autistic boy whose nasty neighbor prevented him from selling lemonade for a good cause will now get his chance, and on a much larger scale.

Corbin Potter was selling lemonade near his home in Toronto earlier this month, when his neighbor complained to the cops and got the stand shut down. Potter was raising money to help Toronto’s Sick Kids hospital, but he was apparently shouting a little too loudly at customers. After first offering him $5 to keep quiet, the unidentified woman called police who forced Corbin to stop selling because he didn’t have any permits.

The Toronto Sun eventually picked up the story, which caught the attention of Ryan Grant, the business development manager for nearby Baton Rouge restaurant. Grant has now offered Corbin and his siblings the run of their place on August 13th. Proceeds from the lemonade sales will go to Sick Kids, but that’s not all. Baton Rouge’s staff has already started donating money to the cause, and the company’s head office and franchises are both planning to match whatever Corbin makes. “Corbin has been so touched, he was almost in tears,” his mom told The Sun. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade.