Sunshine: Tuesday July 23, 2014

Billy T —  Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gordon King and his friend Guy came out to Charlotte Pier to take pictures of the storm. That’s when they saw Rochester Police Officer Steven Mitchell saving a girl caught in the massive waves.

OfficerGirlRescue68f5ee6a-9006-42e0-80a3-fd5d0fce19c8“When we got a hundred feet out there, kids were playing in the water, and we could tell one was going out toward the lake and having trouble swimming,” said Officer Mitchell.

Mitchell jumped in the water to rescue the child. He held onto the girl and the pipes along the side of the pier.

“The adrenaline and the fear set in that it wasn’t going to be so easy,” said Mitchell.

Turns out it was a call for a capsized boat off shore that brought Officer Mitchell to the pier at that time. He says the girl is expected to be okay.

Mitchell, not one for the spotlight, didn’t even tell anyone that he had saved a young girl’s life.

“God had us in that place for a reason. Right place at the right time,” said Mitchell.

Neither he or the witnesses know the girl’s name, but because of the officer, she’ll have plenty of beach days ahead.


Courtesy of YNN News