Sunshine: Monday July 29, 2013

Billy T —  Monday, July 29, 2013

A woman in Queens discovered the honesty of blue-collar workers from a recycling center this week after she accidentally left $5,000 in an old refrigerator her husband dropped off there.

cash24n-2-webShe returned to Atlantic Recycling in South Ozone Park in a panic early Thursday and explained to a worker what happened.

“Tow truck driver Fred Alsterberg hunted for the fridge, but couldn’t find it amid the piles of scrap metal and car parts,” explained the New York Daily News.

He didn’t give up and found the fridge and bags of cash. He even contacted the local media to help find the owner Magda Castillo and he was rewarded when she was reunited with her savings.

Courtesy of the NY Daily News