Justice In Geneseo. Rapist Admits Crime After 30 Years

GeneseeNow —  Friday, July 26, 2013

Justice in a 30 year old case.

After being on the run for about 30 years — and with terminal cancer ravaging his body — Gary Smith has admitted he did it. He kidnapped and raped a 19 year old Geneseo girl in 1982. Then lived a life on the run. Smith was out on bond, but never showed up for court. He was caught two months ago.

This week, Smith sent to prison for 25 years, though with cancer, he has only a few months left. His victim, now 49 years old, sat in court to see justice done. She sent the judge a letter about what she went through but did not speak in court.

As for Smith his attorney told the court, he admitted raping other women in the early 80’s.