VanDurme Family says Thank You

Robin Humphrey —  Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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In an effort to thank the community for the support and generosity during the recent loss of theirĀ  home, the VanDurme Family looked to Genesee Media to thank those that helped.

At the request of the family we are publishing a letter given to us from the VanDurme’s….






Open letter to the generous friends and neighbors of the Tom VanDurme family:

We wonder if you realize that last week you participated in a miracle!! In a country and world overcome with hatred, self interest and violence, in a small town nestled in the Genesee Valley, a large group of people came together to help a neighbor and his family recover from a tragedy.

At 1:00 in the morning a huge fire destroyed the home of a family seven. Tow parents and five children, pets and many years of living, loving and building gone in a few hours! All legal documents – all medications – all evidence that this family existed… gone!

Now here comes the miracle!! While the firemen were still fighting the flames, the phones started ringing! It started when a neighbor called to say “you need anything, Tom, call me.”


For the next several days the phones kept ringing and people kept coming, asking how to help. Stacks of gift certificates arrive; with bags and boxes of clothing and food and toys for the children, furniture for the family, even an empty house to use for as long as was needed!! Lets not forget the manual labor needed to place furniture, make beds, stack shelves etc.; everything to help a family start over again! The people in our little village helped God make a miracle – an awesome miracle right here in Dansville!!

So this letter is being written by one of the family speaking for Tom and Lori and all their children first of all, but all the rest of us as well. Thank you, for your prayers, your great kindness and generosity of time and wealth. We know God is smiling, maybe even chuckling, that such a group could help Him with His work, letting us know that the miracles still do happen and you all made it so!!!!

You are all in our prayers,

Tom and Lori Vandurme and the whole family