Governor budgets for more Troopers

Robin Humphrey —  Thursday, January 24, 2013

More than three years ago state budget constraints temporarily halted recruiting for the New York State Police. In the first recruit class since 2009, the New York State Police held two classes in 2012  graduating 133 Troopers in October.

In this years budget, Governor Cuomo plans to train 330 more recruits.

After attrition, they would increase the total of sworn officers to 4,657, up five-percent from the current fiscal year but still down more than 200 from the force’s peak.

The Cuomo administration is proposing a $732 million budget for state police for the year starting April 1.

That includes $36 million to implement tighter gun restrictions, including a new database, periodic pistol re-licensing and registration of semi-automatic rifles now categorized as assault weapons.