First Annual “Make Merry BBQ Competition: Meat, Mistletoe, Mittens and Myrrh.”

TIO —  Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Make Merry With Meat this holiday season!!  Join Dansville Town and Country Agway’ for their

First Annual “Make Merry BBQ Competition:  Meat, Mistletoe, Mittens and Myrrh.”

This event pits WDNY, Genesee Valley Penney Saver, Lions Club and The Rotary against each other.  The prize?  All proceeds from the event will be donated to the winning teams charity.  The winner will be chosen by popular vote.

In the spirit of fun, there will be another set of prizes awarded by a panel of judges.  This contest pits the Lions Club against the Rotary and WDNY against The Genesee Valley Penney Saver.  The prizes are some seriously tacky trophies.

DTCA has long been a champion of the BBQ enthusiast.  Owner Ed Gunn has a wide range of pretty incredible products and brings in the Grillin’ Guys from Ace of Hearts – Kansas City BBQ to teach classes.  The classes are a great opportunity to learn about choosing, preparing and BBQ/smoking your meat as well as the unexpected dessert items.  Ever had a grilled cookie?  They’re pretty delicious.  And if you’ve never tried the BBQ pork sliders that Agway serves up at events, you’ll have the chance this Friday.  These sliders are seriously amazing!

The event will take place at Dansville Town and Country Agway 5 Maple St. Danvsille, NY from 5-8pm on Friday, December 7

Each team will prepare and BBQ chicken wings as well as create and grill a dessert of their choice. The public can purchase “taste tickets” for each contestant’s entries and then submit a ballot with their favorite.  All proceeds go to charity.