Deer Season opens for hunters in New York State

Robin Humphrey —  Friday, November 16, 2012



Saturday marks the opening day of rifle and shotgun season for bear and deer in New York State.

The DEC and State Police remind everyone to remain safe enjoying the sport of hunting.

Some safety tips hunters are encouraged to abide by include:

  • Treating every gun as if it is loaded
  • Wear bright orange
  • Tell someone where you are going hunting
  • Check your equipment
  • Carry your hunting license
  • Be sure of your target

Major Christopher Cummings, of the New York State Police, said hunters can make a decision in an instant that can cause issues for a lifetime.  If you’re a hunter make sure you’re aiming at an animal and then look beyond the target, because you don’t always hit what you’re aiming at so make sure if you miss, there is nothing beyond your intended target that’s going to be hit that shouldn’t be.