UPDATE: Castile State of Emergency has been lifted

Robin Humphrey —  Friday, October 5, 2012

Its far from settled and and back to normal but Town and Village employees are getting back to business in Castile after Tuesday mornings fire that destroyed the local governments offices.

The Bank of Castile donated temporary office space, one office each for the Town and Village in the bank across the street from the fire.  The bank will provide the space while town and village leaders can put together definite plans for new offices.

Officials say computer equipment has yet to be installed, but basic functions and services are up and running. The state of emergency is over.

Keith Granger, village mayor, said “we’re all exhausted but I think we’re all holding up… and everybody came together.

Wendy Kiley, assistant manager of the Bank of Castile said, “We’re considered a big family, and we are very much a part of the community, and when the community needs help, we help.