BREAKING NEWS: Dansville child care provider arrested

Robin Humphrey —  Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dansville daycare provider Shelly Sick,  of Franklin Street, Dansville was arrested and arraigned late this afternoon by the Dansville Police Department after police a say a report was made that Sick left an unknown number of children that was in her daycare alone on two separate occasions.  She has been charged with 14 counts of endangering the welfare of a child, one count of filing a punishable false written statement and two counts of misrepresentation of a child care provider.

Dansville Police Chief Charles Perkins told WDNY that the investigation began Thursday, September 13 when Livingston County Child Protective Services received an anonymous complaint that Sick was leaving an unknown number of children that was in her care alone at her home which she also runs as a daycare. Its reported that on Friday morning, Child Protective Services watched Sick leave her Franklin Street home in a vehicle.  They then went to the residence and knocked on the door with no response. That’s when the Dansville Police Department was contacted through 911. Police waited for Sick as she returned at 9:07 am and it was discovered that no other adult was present with the children. Sick told police and CPS that there were only five children at her daycare. Police say there was a total of seven children in the daycare, five under the age of 4. The two that she failed to reveal were less than a year old and were in an upstairs bedroom.

Sick was arraigned in Dansville Village Court and bail set at $1,000. Bail was met and she was released.  Inspectors from the NY State Office of Children and Family Services shut down the day care and revoked Sick’s license immediately on Friday.